Our indoor range is located at 5345 South Quarterline Road; just North of the Lakes Mall (Yahoo! map). The indoor range features 12 lanes at a range of 50'. Open shoots are Tuesday night at 7:00 PM and Junior shooting on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM. During both of these times there is a range master on duty to supervise the use of the range and enforce safe firearm handling and range use.

Surveillance cameras are in use at all times for this facility.

The range has rotating targets for timed and rapid fire competition events.

Range fees are free for members and $10.00 per guest.

Adequate ear and eye protection are required any time the range is "hot." There are loaner ear muffs and shooting glasses, but we suggest you bring your own.

Approved handgun calibers for the Indoor Range are as follows:
.17 Rimfire
.22 Rimfire
.25 ACP
.30 Luger
.30 Mauser
.32 ACP
.32 Magnum
.32 S&W
.32 S&W Long
.32 20 Winchester
.35 NAA
.38 Special
.38 S&W
.44 Special
.44 40 Cowboy Action
.44 S&W
.45 ACP
9 MM Luger
.380 ACP
.455 Webley
.45 S&W
.45 Long Colt
.45 Glock
7 MM Nambu
7.62 Nagant
8 MM Nambu
.41 AE
.45 Auto Rim
.40 S&W

Photo Gallery - Indoor Range

Safety first!
  • Center fire barrel length limited to 8.5 inches.
  • All firearms are to remain pointed down range at all times
  • Rapid fire is discouraged, but may be allowed if you demonstrate exemplary control of your fire.
  • Anyone may call a "Cease Fire" at any time. If this happens you are required to immediately place your firearm on the bench, pointed down range and step away from it.
  • Never cross the firing line until the range master has declared the line as "cold."
  • When the range master declares the line as "cold" all firearms are to be unloaded and placed on the bench pointing down range with a range-provided yellow breach plug properly installed and visible. Never touch your firearm, load magazines, etc. while the range is "cold."