CMP Sanctioned Michigan State Garand Championship Match

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September 7th 2014 program can be found by clicking here.

MPRC hosts the CMP Michigan State John C. Garand Championship Match each year. This match is also sanctioned by the CMP and as such is governed by CMP rules. M1 Garand rifles are the only rifles allowed in this event and must pass a trigger weight check along with a safety inspection. The rifles MUST be of as-issued status. No NM parts or bedding of the stocks allowed.

The match is shot using the CMP John C. Garand Course "A" of fire at 200 yds. on the standard SR HP target. No Alibis are allowed.

Registration is limited to 66 competitors. Pre-registration is not required, but recommended. Cost is $35.00 and includes lunch. Ammo is NOT provided and must be provided by the competitor. Any safe ammo, including handloads are allowed.

Trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. place competitors. CMP achievement pins are also awarded to those who qualify per CMP rules.

All competitors are required to stay for the entire match to help score and pull targets. This match is open to anyone allowed to compete under CMP rules.

Please contact Art Curow with any questions about this event.

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