The MPRC "Famous" Kangaroo Cup:

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September 18th, 2014 program can be found by clicking here.

MPRC holds a cast bullet shoot more commonly known as the "Kangaroo Cup" once a year. This match has been an on-going event at MPRC for many, many years. However, since there are 5 different classes of firearms allowed, you do not have to shoot cast bullets to enjoy this event. The 5 classes are as follows:
  • Class 1: Any rifle with metallic sights firing cast bullets
  • Class 2: Any Metallic Sighted current or past NRA Service Rifle per NRA Service Rifle Rules. This includes AR-15s, M1As, Garands, & 1903s.
  • Class 3: Any Metallic Sight NRA Match Rifle, i.e. Space Guns.
  • Class 4: Any Sight Rifles-Scoped rifles would fit into this category.
  • Class 5: Any Centerfire Pistol capable of firing 300 yds.
The course of fire is 20 rounds for record with 5 sighters shot at 300 yards on the MR-63 target. All firing is SLOW Fire Prone.

Cost is only $5.00 per shooter per rifle. Competitors may shoot more than once with a different rifle. Winners of each class receive medals.

Ammunition is NOT provided for this match, so you will need to bring your own.

Please contact Art Curow with any questions about this event.

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